Fallen on hard times with WAY too many birds in NC.


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Oct 26, 2011
Don't know if this is the right category but here goes.

I recently expanded my flock by three birds. I got them from a woman and this is her story.

She's a retired civil engineer from New Jersey who moved to Sanford, NC. She began raising fowl as a hobby and it grew to where she now has upwards of 1000-1500 birds. She has chickens, ducks, geese, and peafowl. She recently lost her husband unexpectedly and is now having health problems. She lives alone and just can't handle the amount of birds she has. When I intially contacted her she was selling the birds for $10 a piece, but she ended up just giving the birds to us.

What I'm asking is if anyone in North Carolina is looking for any sort of fowl you think of this woman first. She's willing to let the birds go for free to good homes. You can take as few as 1 and as many as all of them. The birds are for the most part healthy, it's just that predators are really starting to take their toll on her flock. She has many pure breeds such as Coronation and light sussex, japanese bantams, Barnevelder, a WHOLE flock of Red Sexlinks, Leghorns, and other laying breeds.

Please contact me either through BYC or through email. [email protected]

I would like to restate that the chickens are being well cared for. It's just that this woman is sacrificing her health to make sure the chickens are taken care of.


I have a very large cargo van and could make a run there and then stop at several meeting points along the way back,,,, but I would have to have a little per bird just to break even on gas (it gets 13 miles to the gallon) I would not want to make any money, just help paying for gas. At least we know they will find good homes going to all BYC people.

Since BYC will be down tomorrow, you can get me at [email protected]
Patrick if you can help coordinate something like I mentioned, I'll take the van out there and try and help with it.
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Nice posts. I really hope you all can help the lady and her chooks. AZ is too far for me to help.
I'm in CT, too far to help as well. But this is what I LOVE about BYC. It really makes me feel good when BYCers jump in to help each other out!

I'll be praying for you all and that the current owner finds peace.

I was in contact with her tonight and she said for anyone to feel free to contact her directly.

Her email is:

[email protected]

Her name is Yvette Streahle (pronounced Stray-Lee)

Thanks again for all your help guys!

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