Falling Chick


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9 Years
Jul 3, 2010
Had 8 chicks hatch 2 days ago. Or so we thought. We found 2 more we didn't even see wen we lookd underneath her. One was a bantam and it kept on falling completely over on its side and couldn't get up. The other chicks struggled like that too but they were able to get back up. This one struggles more than others did and my husband wants to cull it but there's nothing other than that wrong with it. Very healthy and curious. Could it have just waited too long to come out under mamahen or could it be something more serious and need to be culled? I don't want to cull it if it could get better
I'd try dosing it with Poly-Vi-Sol (without iron) for a few days before I thought about culling. A vitamin deficiency could be responsible for its problems. Three drops by mouth for 3 days then taper it back for another 4-7 days. This is the dosing for a standard sized chick, so you should scale it back for your chick if it's a bantam. I don't know if it will help, but it isn't going to hurt, so why not try it?

Good luck.

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