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    Jan 22, 2012
    I have an Ameraucana that is approximately 5 months old. I have her in a pen with 7 others which includes a Rhode Island Red rooster, two hens almost two years of age and 4 others her age. She has been doing well sleeping on the roost in the coop since we put her and the others in the pen, but the last week or so she keeps falling off the roost. I have picked her up and put her away from all others yet she still falls off moments later. When she falls it starts flapping around and tilting her head very strangely as if she is having a small seizure or something. However, during the day she's fine, she runs around with the others and has no visible signs of problems. I've given up the last two nights and put her in a laying box for the night instead of having her continue falling and possibly be pooped on by the others. Even being in the laying box though, when I went out earlier she seemed to have a short seizure moment laying in the box. Has anyone ever heard of or seen this before and if so, know of suggestions to help get her back to normal? Thanks!
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    Hi I researched this a little bit. Some people said their chicken has fallen off and died almost immediatly after. Most people said that there were no problems previous that they can just lose their balance. Then there were people who had birds that did similar to what yours did and the bird got progressivly worse and then better. Good Luck I know it's hard to find really good information [​IMG]
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    well....when a chicken falls off a roost after seemingly being fine all day, its usually a heart attack and the chicken dies. and we usually find them in the morning, with no signs of injury or illness and we find it to be a complete mystery. yours however is not suffering from heart attacks.

    here is a few links you might want to read and the first one has a video you might be interested in seeing to see if its the same symptoms and behaviour.





    I am sure you will find all the information you need in the links provided. good luck my dear,

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    Half my flock roosts 15-20+ feet off the ground in a dense tree next to the coop. This morning one of the flightier hens was found dead under the tree. All I can figure is that either one of the other birds smacked a limb in her face and knocked her out or she tried herself and died getting down. We have a motion porch light and they sometimes get antsy when it comes on at night and now that the days are getting shorter my daughter leaving for school makes some of them feel the need totry to get up too soon.. should i be concerned about something else or just chalk this up to the fall.

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