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6 Years
Apr 18, 2013
Raymore, MO
My family and I moved to my wife's grandparents small farm that has been vacant for about a year and a half. Moved there last September and I remodeled the house completely so it's been very busy. We have been taking care of her uncles chickens, they live just down the road, and now we are starting our own flock. My almost 4 year old daughter and 18 month old son are thrilled! I bought 12 last night and surprised them with them. I'm almost done with the coop and run. They will primarily be free range and we are excited to see them grow!
Anyway, glad to be on here and receive all the advice! Unfortunately, we had a causality last night and not sure why but I heard that's not all that uncommon. Maybe the little fella just got too stressed by the move. It's about 85 in the brooder so maybe I need it a little warmer but I think the chicks are probably at least a week and a half old.
Greetings from Kansas, njc4jc, and
! Happy to have you aboard! Happy you joined the chicken universe! Good luck to you and enjoy!
I think the temp does sound a bit low for chicks that age. Are you using a brooder lamp? If so you want it aimed so that part of the brooder is not under the light. That way the chicks can decide if they are too hot or too cold. More detailed info. on the "Raising backyard chickens," forum
It's been unseasonably warm out here so we were able to complete the coop and get them out of the house at about 3 weeks. They are so much happier with some room! Now I've got to protect my fruit trees so we can get some goats!
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