fan in my incubator quit working help


7 Years
Aug 7, 2012
I have the farm innovators model 2200 circulated air incubator and last night my cat unplugged my incubator. So i yelled at the cat which i suppose really served no purpose and then plugged it right back in. This all took maybe a min not even and then I plugged it back in and my fan wasn't working. The fan is spinning very slowly I can see but that's it. I'm really nervous that it could effect my eggs. They are on day 19. I don't feel like playing mechanic with it right now when I'm not sure how to fix it. Would it still work as a still air? Or should I try to fix it?
I have a still air and i don't have a problem, i'd say just leave it..if you try to fiddle with it and you have my kind of luck the whole incubator will quit working and your poor little guys will suffer the consequenses!
I have 3 thermometers in the bator and they all say 99.5 but I've heard that still airs need to be higher. Should I watch the temp closely for the next few days or do you think it should be fine? My bator is constant with temp so I hardly check it. Thanks I tried to fix it this morning but had no luck and limited my time to bout 5 mins so the eggs would be OK temp wise while I fiddled with the top. I think I will just leave it and after they hatch I will have my uncle who used to be an electrician before he retired take a look at it. I hope going from circulated air to a still air won't harm them.

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