fan placement in your coop??????

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  1. We live in NC. It has been 95-98 for several days now and is going to stay that way for a couple of weeks. I have my coops in the woods so they stay in the shade but it is still very hot. We placed a fan in the celing of our coop blowing down on their roost poles. Will this cause any problems with them being in constant airflow at night? Just trying to help them stay cool. Thanks for the input.
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    I do not believe so. I am in south GA where it has been hitting the 100s and I have put a fan in there coop along with daily frozen water bottles and a pan of ice and cold water. I keep the fan running all night and day and it seem to keep them happy I have been getting double the eggs since I have.( Meaning the ones that were refusing to lay started. )
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    I use two fans, granted it isn't as warm here in MN, 88 today. The coop is in the corner of a shed, which is cooler than the outdoors. One fan is blowing the cooler air into the coop, the second is secured in a window, blowing heat and humidity to the outside.
    When I saw the national weather map today, my first thought was "OH BOY, I'd bet those chickies are hot" !
    good luck staying cool!
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    In hot/warm weather, no. I have a window fan blowing straight into the nest boxes, and one of those tall stand fans blowing toward their roosts. I just couldn't bare to watch them sitting in there with wings spread and beaks open... [​IMG] The coop is SO much better now.
  5. Thanks all!![​IMG] Just wanted to check since I've never used one on my birds.
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    I found it much better to place fan in window and face it outward. It blows out the hot air and draws a cooler air in thru the other windows. That way there is no strong breeze blowing on them.
    When I first started using fans I placed them in window blowing on my chickens. They would move away from the air flow especially at night.
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    Quote:We have a fan near the ceiling of the coop that blows the hot air from the eaves outside. This draws fresh air in through the pop doors & windows. It makes a BIG difference without blowing dust around.

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