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Apr 22, 2020
I have recently taken up volunteering on a farm, and many of you seem to be interested in how it's going. Here's a spot for me to talk about what's going on without interrupting other threads. I'd also LOVE to hear about any of your farms, hobby or commercial, or any work you're doing on a farm or homestead. Tagging some people I was chatting with before, and others who might like to join the fun: @JadeFarms @Sally PB @eggsandhens @SBFChickenGirl @MysteryChicken @OneHappyRooster @CHlCKEN @Overo Mare @LothalRebel @RoostersAreAwesome
I'm sorry if I missed anyone in the tags, anyone is welcome to join in!
Rules of the thread:
-you're never derailing the conversation, talk about whatever as long as it at least sort of relates to farms
-I always want to see pictures, so post them! no need to ask.
-all cows posted are fair game if people want to put hats on them -have fun!
What farm do you volunteer at? That sounds awesome!


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May 21, 2020
My bad, is it fun? What do you do at the farm like how do you work?
Nah, you're good! I go over on my assigned days in the morning and sometimes the evening. In the mornings I make sure chickens are out, have feed, water isn't iced over, etc, feed the peacocks, and give the sheep some hay and sheep minerals. I also collect eggs, but in the early morning there usually aren't too many. In the evening I make sure all the chickens are in, and everything is locked up properly.

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