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11 Years
Jul 10, 2010
southern AL
We need to dog/duck proof the last bit of fence between the house and garage and it needs to have a 14' gate (not one piece). We are looking at tube gates from Tractor Supply - the painted (premium powder coated finish) ones.
Does anybody use any like the ones below - with the mesh or wire in it? How has it held up? DH is worried about it rusting (especially since you can usually see rust on them already - the galvanized ones too)


There's a galvanized gate like that at the head of our communal driveway. I believe it's about 10 years old and has held up just fine. It might be a different brand, though. I forget who supplies TSC.
We dogproofed a regular horse tubular gate with welded wire fence (no rusting).

We attached the fencing with aluminum clips that you can buy a Home Depot. They are bendable. You can extend the wire below the gate a little bit so the dogs can't sneak under! (Or skunks sneak in!!!)

In the winter when the ground freezes I have to remember to raise the wire or the gate gets hard to shut!

Below is a picture of an interior gate. We only use three feet high wire on the interior gates....4 feet on the gates that face the road. We looked at the gates that you posted...but I was worried the dogs would sneak out underneath, so we opted for covering the gates ourselves!

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