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Feb 12, 2012
Has anyone used a farm innovator ? If so what is your take on it. I have a friend who bought one and the humidity is all over the place . She cannot control the humidity but the temperature seems to hold pretty steady . How about some feedback please before she ruins her eggs. I told her to start with some inexpensive eggs as you need to with all incubators. I told her this is the best and most honest website to get truthful feedback. Help my friend.
I don't have this incubator but with my incubators, I run them for a while with no water and the vents open and this gets humidity down and stable before I put my eggs in. I don't add water till day 18 because the eggs alone create enough humidity where I live.. around 25 to 30 %.

I hope someone with this particular incubator will offer some advice.
Thank you yes sounds like you are incubating dry by Dr. Bill Worrell it is very interesting everyone should go to dry hatching. The eggs especially the large eggs hold a lot of water it give off a lot of humidity. If you keep the humidity high when the chick on the last three days of hatching when the pip that membrane they actually drown if that water is not took out. Everyone if they have not heard of this process just google dry hatching. Thank you Darkbluespace.

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