Farm innovators model 4200 incubator


8 Years
Apr 6, 2011
Ok so I bought this last week and immediately took out the instructions to read them and make sure I knew what I was doing. I left the instruction manual on the couch and went to get dinner going and now it's gone. I have 4 kids and I'm not sure if someone accidentally put it away, threw it away or if my 13 month old got ahold of it but its gone. So I need to know exactly what I need to do to get this incubator up and running. I have eggs coming that will need to be put in it soon and no clue how use it. I want to make sure I do everything right and give my chickies the best shot at hatching that I can. I'm googling the instruction manual now but thought I'd ask the pros first.
ETA it has the automatic turner, & candler
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Do you have any thermometers besides what came with? You often cannot trust the built in or included ones.

You will want to get it plugged in an area without a lot of drafts or temp changes. Then using several thermometers to calibrate the temp., get it consistently around 99.5. There are several opinions on humidity so I would look up some wet vs. dry incubation to decide how you want to keep your humidity. One its consistent and where you want it for a few days, add your eggs large end up. After that, you mostly just make sure your temp stays steady and correct and add water as needed/ desired. You can occasionally candle and should see clear development after 7 days. On day 18 remove the Turner, lay them down and up the humidity. Do not open the incubator for the rest of the hatch. This is called lockdown.
I don't have any other thermometers than what it came with. I need to head to Walmart later anyways so I will pick up a couple more thermometers & calibrate the ones it came with and use them as well. I'm pretty sure I have a good place for the incubator to be set up, I had to make sure it was also baby & dog proof lol. Thank you for the info, I will pick up the thermometers & get it warming up.
I am incubating eggs for the first time and bought the FI 4200 incubator. After reading negative comments about the inaccuracy of this incubator, I panicked and bought a Brinsea min advanced and thought I would start with just 7 eggs. I ended up with more eggs I
wanted to incubate, so instead of selling the brand new Farm Innovator, I decided to use it. The instructions are not that great anyway,
but you can get the same info off their website. I started the Brinsea and the F.I. the same night. I put the F. I. in an unused guest
bathroom. I have to say, it is running neck and neck with the Brinsea. No variation in humidity and temps. I am pleasantly surprised.
I will let you knw what happens in 12 days! I am having difficulty candling dark Maran eggs. Not sure what to do about that.
I have seven Barnevelder eggs in the Brinsea and they are also hard to candle. I am using the candler that came with the Farm Innovator.
Maybe it isn't a good one. This is my first time doing anything like this. I am so excited!
Here are the thermometers & hygrometers I bought. On the road so I will read the posts when I get to my kids school


Of the three thermometers, two measure between 72.5-73*f and my home thermostat measures in at 68*. The incubators current temp is measuring 75* so I'm going to calibrate it to the average of the 3. I realize the fish tank "sticker" type thermometer is probably the least accurate so I'm not really taking it into consideration, it is sitting at 69* which is much closer to my home thermostat.

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