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9 Years
Apr 2, 2010
I recently had a bad experience with Farm Innovators customer service so decided I would pass it on so everyone can make well informed purchases.

Background: I own three GQF sportsman incubators and have over 20 years experience hatching. This winter was really harsh (as most of you know) and my hens started laying about a week before I was heading out of town. I only had a few eggs to set so I didn't want to start up one of the big incubators and have it running while I was away. I decided I would get a small incubator from my local farm store and all they had was the Farm Innovators model so I picked it up. My 3 yr old fell on the bottom when I was taking it out of the box and broke it....this is the email I sent and received from them:


Good afternoon,

I recently purchased your pro series incubator with circulated air and turner. When I was taking everything out of the box my three year old fell on the bottom and broke the corner. Can you tell me if I can get a replacement bottom and how much it would cost? Thank you for your time.


Farm Innovators:

I’m sorry, but we can’t replace it for personal damage. If the unit is not heating properly and you are within your 30 day warranty, then you can send it in for a replacement with your receipt and note explaining what is causing it to not heat.

Farm Innovators, Inc.
2255 Walter Glaub Dr.
Plymouth, IN 46563


My Reply:

Thank you for your communication however I didn’t ask that you replace it. I’m looking to buy a replacement. If you can’t help me with that and I have to buy a whole new unit then I will just go with a different company. Thank you for your time.


Farm Innovators:

We only sell to distributors. You will have to purchase a new one with the same company you purchase with before or you can go to Amazon. Com.

I did check Amazon because I figured I could get it overnighted if needed but after going through all 18 pages of search results I found that a replacement bottom was not offered.

I personally won't buy anything else from Farm Innovators based on this experience.

I will say that I used duct tape on the bottom tray and the incubator functioned fine for the week I was gone and the eggs are safe and sound in my Sportsman for the remainder of the process.
Likely better off anyhow. I had one years ago and it spiked horribly. They are pretty good at cooking eggs. Seems like they are a bit better these days but the best I've seen is 60% hatches as a rarity and the common spiking complaints that I experienced. Just take it back to the store you purchased it from and let farm innovators eat the replacement cost since they have no customer service to support the buyer.

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