Fart Egg - But Whose?


Jan 27, 2021
Bluefield, WV
I found a green fart egg in my coop this morning, but I'm confused as to whose it is. We only have 2 poultry breeds that lay green eggs: indian runner ducks, who have been laying consistently all summer and only one of whom lays green eggs, and a 14-week-old isbar, Snicket, who I'm fairly sure is a cockerel.

Here's the egg in question, pictured next to a light green runner egg that's a few days old:

The runner egg doesn't look green compared to the fart egg, but it is much greener than the white ones from all my other ducks, and this girl's eggs were much darker earlier in the season.

The fart egg had the texture of homemade paper - probably in part because of all the dirt on it. There were splotches of darker green on the shell.


When I broke it open, there was no yolk, just a little yellow spot.


I really, really doubt this is an egg from my mature runner, who is in her first year of laying and has been consistently laying normal eggs all summer. There hasn't been a change in their routine at all lately - certainly nothing major enough to throw off her laying THAT much. But the only other green egg layer is 13-14 weeks old now and looks like a cockerel to me:

You can see behind him a blue marans hatched at the same time. He's our only isbar and I hatched him from a green egg similar in color to the fart egg, but I'm 99% sure he's male! And ALL the other birds in my yard came from brown or white eggs (aside from possibly that runner, who I got from a hatchery last November).

Does anyone have a clue what's going on? Is Snicket the isbar a girl after all or did my mature runner lay a yolkless fart egg?
The fart egg looks dirty, likely white if you clean it. Which layers in your flock lay white eggs?
There is some dirt on it but try as I might I couldn't scrub the green off. None of my birds lay white eggs except for one mature polish hen whose eggs are a different shape and several pullets, all hatched early May. I'm fairly sure Snicket just matured REALLY fast. I've never heard her crow or anything, I just assumed cockerel because her crown and wattle developed so quickly. The shell broke no problem so I don't think it was a duck egg.

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