Fast growing or Slow growing


11 Years
Feb 11, 2008
North Branch, MI
I am a 4-H leader in Michigan looking for a place other than where we have been getting our meat birds for the past few years. Has anyone heard of "fast growing white broilers" and "slow growing white broilers" have any of you heard the difference in them the only time I have seen them is on the Privett Hatchery site. We need them finished by the first week of August.
Most of the time we got our broilers from Meyer hatcher. We would get them by July 1 in order for them to be around 9 lbs by the last week of August. But that does depend on how you raise them. My DD won reserve champion three yrs in a row with Meyer's birds.
This year I got Cornish Roaster from McMurray they said they are slower growing. Never tried them before this so cant tell you how they will turn out yet. I got them this week so will know in 8-12 weeks how they come out. They are supposed to have less leg and mortality problems. Will try to remember to let you know how we do.

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