Fat bellied 1 yr leghorn with xrays

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    Sep 28, 2017
    9 days ago we noticed our 1 yr leg horn’s belly was swollen and she was waddling. We brought her in and soaked her in epsom salt tub, did a vent check (no egg), still injected mineral oil in vent. No egg. Normal stool. Belly was water ballon “feeling” and attempted to drain with 18 ga needle and got <2 cc and some “chunky” scrambled egg. Have segregated her. No better, no worse after 4 days. Took her to vet. He did not think she was egg bound. Gave her an antibiotic injection & X-ray (see attached). The vet never interpreted the X-ray or provided any follow up care. (Separate story) Meanwhile she still eats. We are feeding her canned dog food with calcium on top, dried cat food, chicken food, meal worms & drinking. Still eating & drinking. Since my vet has vanished I’ve been left to treat her. I gave her a dog dose of amoxicillin in pill and a sliver of a human diaretic. My neighbors had some liquid antibiotics for dogs and have been giving that to her for the last 24 hrs. Her belly has shrunk over 1.5 inches. Oh and she stands straight upright like a tall penguin all the time.
    I believe she had a egg grow large and break in her. I think my next move is to bring her in and soak her again in epsom salt. Hoping to draw out the “egg” or infection.
    Any ideas or suggestions are greatly appreciated!! We love her so much!

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    Oh man that's rough, keep doing what you are doing and hopefully you will get help.
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    If she's still got egg material inside her, one whole calcium citrate tablet with vitamin D3 will assist in expelling it. In addition to that, make sure she's well hydrated. If there's doubt she's been drinking enough, I will usually tube about two ounces of warm water into her crop.
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    Sep 28, 2017
    Thank you! Will be getting some calcium citrate tomorrow with D3. We tried a tums over her food. No luck. Since then I’ve learned how to give her pills. I will sure do the calcium tomorrow.
    Do you think I should still give her a soak in epsom too? See the X-ray?
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    Am I reading that you got chunks of scrambled egg-like material from draining her abdomen with a needle? That would be intrnal laying. If she is responding to antibiotics, it is probably progressed to egg yolk peritonitis. Prognosis isn’t great, but I am hoping you caught it early. Antibiotics can clear it up, but if she is an internal layer, it will likely return without hormone therapy. I hate to be the one to give such a bleak outlook. Some hens can live with this for some time. Mine got another six months, but we had some rough spots along the way. I’m sorry.

    Or did I misread your post?
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    Sep 28, 2017
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    Sep 28, 2017
    Yes, that is what I think it looked like in the syringe. Also on the X-ray there is a shadow below that looks like it could be fragmented eggs. I’m no doctor and of course my doctor has vanished, so I’m just guessing. She always has been a good layer. Once she gets rid of this (ok, if) she will continue to “internally lay”. Is there a way to have her fixed so she doesn’t even have egg making capabilities so she can’t lay internally or externally? Should I also have her soak in a tub still?
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    Looks like she ate buck shot. So weird. Hope she can get thru this. Best wishes
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    Meanwhile, she's miserable, and very unlikely to get well again. So sorry, but that's truth here.
    Can you consult an avian veterinarian? They can be harder to find, but would be her best chance...

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