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9 Years
Jul 4, 2010
Mid Coast Maine
Post your fattest, fluffiest chickens here! Please don't make the mods close this thread by fighting. Keep it fun! I want to see you fat chickens!

My fattest are Noodles and Rocky. That is an old picture and they are bigger now.

Sorry no prizes, but I guess I could pick a winner!
Say their name and breed. Weight is optional since I don't know anybody who weighs their chickens!
This is Goldie, our BO. She's our oldest lady, and she is the head hen. She stands in the food bowl in the morning so that she can eat first.
I love this Idea! Too bad I only have little chickies and can't participate, but when they get bigger I hope they are fat! I have a fat cat that I got from a sale at the shelter. He is very cute
This is Honey Mustard, 11-week old bantam cochin. Her tail looks like a blooming peony flower.


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