Fat hens need a diet

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    Some of my hens have gotten too fat, even though they are pastured and I feed a good quality organic feed and not too many treats. The fat ones are mostly 2 !/2 yrs old. I have the ability to separate them for the winter and put them on a reducing diet, since their only feed will be what I give them during this season. Any suggestions on how much to feed or what to feed my fatties? I don't think they're laying well, so it's lose and lay or I'll have to consider culling. I just can't afford to feed fat hens that don't lay.

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    Are you sure its not just their breed? Some breeds are heavier than others and some are just heavily feathered. If not, maybe your hens just need exercise and smaller amounts of food.

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    Define fat.

    If you think they're overweight just cause they're not laying, that's incorrect. Older hens just take the winter off. It's totally normal and expected for them. It's why many folks chose to cull them at 18ish months. You have to balance the cost of feeding a nonproducing hen over the winter vs feeding chicks to laying age.
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    Could be nice thick feathers?

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