Faulty eggs. I need help!

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by FriendlyFlyer, Nov 14, 2011.

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    Jul 16, 2011
    Hello. My layers are now beginning to lay. I have 9 and 3 have been laying for about 3 weeks now. Today we just started using them and half of the ones we used were good, the others had weird defects. I looked at past posts and other places online but can't seen to find exactly what I'm looking for, I know you guys can help! To get it out of the way I don't know how to post pictures (I know Iknow, it sucks). Here are my issues:

    -There are normal egg whites surrounding the yolk and there is clear stuff (which looks like water) around the egg whites. What is it?
    -Then there is a very prominant chalaza (or white ropey things [​IMG]). Can you prevent that from being so big, or does it just happen?
    -There are floating black/brown things in the whites. I have no idea why they are there but I DON'T like them.
    -There are tiny (pin point sized) black dots on the yolks, what is that?

    Those are all of my problems. My hens are just starting to lay (3 weeks in) so I'm not sure if this is just temporary until they mature more? If so how long would you say this will last, my hens are about 21 weeks old. My dad is very picky about his food and espacially eggs so if I can't find the solution, or a good answer to what these problems are we will probably NEVER eat any of my chickens' eggs. Please please please please help me.
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    Look through the internal defects section of this. It will help you understand some of what is going on. The chalaza just happens, as far as I know.


    The frequency of these things happening is usually higher when the pullets are first learning to lay, but these defects can happen at any age. The frequency should drop, however. I always crack an egg in a separate bowl before I mix it with anything.

    The commercial operations electronically candle their eggs before they hit the stores so you don't see these things in those eggs. They still sell those eggs to bakeries, for powdered eggs, places where the eggs are beaten so you don't see it. I agree there is a YUK factor, but they are safe to eat.

    Good luck!!!
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    I have noticed the first defect you state in my eggs. Thought it was normal for farm fresh eggs. My egg whites are very thick, with a little less thick substance surrounding it [​IMG]

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