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My Fave Sing Lyric is By Carrie Underwood Song: So Small the Lyric: 'Cause sometimes that mountain you've been climbing is just a grain of sand What you've been up there searching for forever is in your hands When you figure out love is all that matters after all It sure makes everything else seem so small

Tell Me Yours and who its by and the song
Well I'll be telling you 'I love you' / On a picture perfect day / And those words inside my head / They sound like angels singing praise / It's what I was made to say / Oh / Someday / Falling in love with you / Holding your hand / Making our plans / All come true / Someday / Under a sky so blue / I'll give you my heart / Our story will start / Someday soon

~Francesca Battistelli, Someday Soon
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oooh love Adele!
right now my favorite lyrics are justin bieber's baby....
When I was 16 had my first love...
yes I know it's 13 but my 4 yr old niece who calls him Justin Beaver and sings it all the time doesn't!
Well, I have quite a few favorites.

1. A Flameless Dance Does Not Equal a Cycle by EastNewSound

“This ever ongoing oppression is without reason or cause!”
The idiotic populace all raise their voices together
Not one realizes the absolute natural law, engraved in aether
Caught up with their own personal desires, none fulfill the direction given them
That idol they call “future”
That lust they call “hope”
Fearing self sacrifice, they contradictorily, chaotically, blame themselves

So have humans who have obtained reason truly gained prosperity, I wonder?
In ever repeated history, they have been ever given “recognition”
But in an assembly, humans are ever more stupid, prideful, and subject to whim…
Even so humanity never looks back on their mistakes,
Ever hastening on the road to convergence.
In the end, could you say their “future” is filled with “hope”?

2. Don't Say Lazy from K-ON

Please don't say "You are lazy"
Because seriously, we are crazy
When even the wise eagle
Hides away and peeks at corners
Imagination is everything because reality is doomed
We're not the finished article yet
That's why we inadvertently sing off-pitch sometimes

The fact that what you want isn't in front of your eyes
Can break your motivation limits
So when you go dream a lot, with all your might
You're also sleeping, with all your might

"Alright! I got a bit thinner" but in victory, you ate
And just that can make you feel so defeated
You need to lower your expectations quickly
Be flexible with your aims, those who adapt will win

3. Leia by yuyoyuppe

Laugh a little more, laugh while you still can
Pray a little more, pray while you still can
If you cannot hear me after all that
End my life and say goodbye, then.

...I listen to a lot of depressing stuff, apparently.

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