faverolles and problems with cold

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    OK, I am now raising a set of chicks.

    I had them in the house for 2 weeks, and then put them outside in a shelter with two heat lamps. There are 10 chicks, 2 female Faverolles. The others are 2 EEs, 3 bantam Wyandottes, 2 bantan brahmas, and 1 standard Wyandotte.

    It *WAS* colder than the chicks liked when I tossed them out. The Wyandotte bantams looked more unhappy than the others, BUT the Faverolles were VERY unhappy, even worse off than the bantams!

    After a few days the Wyandotte bantams were acting like the other chickens, but those Faverolles are STILL unhappy!

    The Faverolles stay in the heat more than any of the others, and sit down most of the time.

    They will even sit down while eating and drinking.

    WHY? Their feet look fine. They can run about without any problems.

    Is this a Faverolle thing?
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  2. Well I got ours cuz their supposed to be a good cold weather & winter laying breed. Ours are piggys and lay about quite abit too love the dust pit. I love the beep beep sound they make.[​IMG] I guess we'll find out for sure when it snows. maybe their diva chickens.[​IMG]
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    All my Favs love the cold and they thrived on it!
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    Favs are very cold hardy birds and they should do very well during the winter. They are also excellent winter layers.
    They are however very timid and shy birds. Sometimes they can be the underdog in a flock. I kept my Favs separated in their own coop because of this. They would do the same thing crouch when eating and drinking. When I removed them from this flock to their own coop they changed dramatically. No longer did they crouch or hide. Funny little characters.
    Hope this helps. Enjoy your Favs they are a fabulous bird.
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