fda trying to stop free range chickens

I get the feeling that big corporations that sell chicken might be behind this. People are buying free-range chicken and eggs, and it is cutting into the corporations' profits.

So the FDA says it wants to stop chickens from living in a natural environment and be confined indoors to prevent disease.

Why isn't the FDA suggesting that goats, sheep, cattle, and other livestock only be raised indoors where there is less exposure to disease? (Which I question.)

The answer is because it is not profitable for those who raise cattle and other large livestock to keep them indoors. It is only profitable to keep chickens indoors.

It is too bad that corporations are running the United States. But this is just another example of that.
There is no question that big agri-biz is behind this one. Free range chickens who get out in the fresh air and sunshine and eat natural forage are less prone to disease and worms than penned ones, are healthier overall and produce healthier eggs.

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