Feather/Down loss on butt

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  1. Carolei

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    Apr 18, 2014
    Seattle, WA
    My 9-month-old Australorp, Maxine, has a bald spot on her fuzzy butt! The spot is about an inch below her vent and a little to one side. There are feathers/down all around her vent, which looks good. The skin in the bald spot is dry and pink, not red or sore looking. There are no breaks in the skin. I don't see any signs of parasites. Could she have been pecked by the other girls? Why this area? I don't see any other signs of feather loss on her or the others. There's no change in her behavior. She is active, happy and laying. What could have caused this? I have 5 pullets who were all brooder mates and who seem to get along well with no major pecking order drama that I've noticed. Should I put something on it to keep the other girls from pecking it?

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