feather footed breeds with mud and frostbite


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OK....after reading the frostbite stuff, I understood that as long as the chicken is still acting fine, that I can ignore the frost bite areas and they will fall off when they are completely dead. At that point, some anti-biotic might be good depending on how the spot looks, but otherwise Mother Nature is best.


We had one warm day, enough that there was some mud. But today it is really cold again.

It looks like there are clumps of mud (or poop, haven't picked them up to inspect closely) on the foot feathers.

What do I do? I worry that it wouldn't just pick off......

So do I have to bring warm water out, soak the feet, clean them up, dry them really well?? Or should I just trim off the foot feathers?? But I worry that cutting off the feathers will make the feet colder.

The birds are sweet and kinda tame, but getting them to soak their feet long enough for balls of stuff to be picked off will be a pain. I have 7 Brahmas.

And I should have at least one more month of winter.



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Tonight when their roosting, I'd try to pick the clumps off. If their so big they interfeir with walking then trim the feathers.

We use 2x4's for roosts so they perch on the 4 inch wide side of the board. That way they actually sit on their feet to keep them warm.

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