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Discussion in 'Hobbies' started by LyonFuzz, Sep 20, 2011.

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    Apr 28, 2008
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    Feather hair clips.....how can I make them? I am not super crafty, but my 10 yr old daughter has to come up with a "product" to sell at market day at school in the next few months. We have a few molting birds and since feather hair extensions are all the rage right now, I thought this would be a great idea. How can I attach the feather to a hair barrett or clip so it will stay? What should I look for at the craft store?
    My daughter has one in her hair now that she had done at a salon and it is attached with a small metal ring to a lock of her hair. It is semi-permanent as I cannot take it out at free will. I want some way to just attach the feather to the barrett so it's removable. Any ideas? Thanks for any input:)
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    May 2, 2009
    Go down about 3 threads-what to do with all these feathers..craft ideas???- There is a feathered bobby pin that is very neat and very easy to do. I believe it is on page 3 of that thread.
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    Well, remember the roach clips they used in the 80's to hold the things in the girls hair. I had no clue what a "roach" clip was, but they are great for that. I saw one in a girl's hair the other day that had tiny beads threaded on fishing line (its so tough and invisible) and then pretty feathers glued to the end . . .it was SO pretty!!!! Might work that way!!!
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    May 16, 2011
    ok hope i can make what i did understandable.
    1. get snap barrettes, like the ones in the link i attached, but they do not have to be covered

    2. get circle closures (c-rings) the are metal circles with a cut in it so you can bend it open and closed....you can get a big pack for a few dollars.

    3. get color cross stitch thread (like 10 cents each). and feathers

    4. get hot glue gun

    5. take the feather and on the end (the quill end) put a small dab of hot glue and attach the cross stitch thread.
    ** wrap the thread tightly around the quill and glued thread and up and through the ring closure until secure.
    ** add dab of hot glue to secure cut end of thread.
    ** take barrette and on the fat end (not the end that opens) attach the circle ring by using pliers to open the circle ring and secure onto barrette.

    That is all , an each one cost less than 50 30 cents to make [​IMG]

    Hope this Helps,
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    Apr 28, 2008
    South Lyon, Michigan
    This does help! Tremendously! But are you saying to use 2 clamps for each barrett total? One to fasten the feather to the thread and one to the barrett? I've printed what you wrote and am taking it to the craft shop tomorrow.
  6. wood&feathers

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    What Laura said. However if your daughter is old enough to make friendship bracelets or any other stuff involving knots, you might try and secure the thread better. If you Google directions on how to whip a rope, it will show you how to lay a Z of thread along the feather shaft, leaving a loop at one end. You start wrapping at the other end, and when you are satisfied you tuck the end in the loop. Then pull it through, pulling the tail under all the wraps you just made. I am sure there is a great set of pics on a Scouting page somewhere.

    If I were selling a product I would do it this way. Glue should only be insurance.
  7. mljohnson05

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    May 16, 2011
    no just 1 circle clamp per barrette.
    while you are wrapping the thread around the quill you wrap it around the circle clamp once you get the tread wrapped to the top of the quill on the feather. the wrap the threa up and over the circle clapm and back down the quill o the feather.

    so for one feather clip you will need
    1 circle clamp ring
    1 snap barrette
    cross stitch thread
    and your glue gun.

    and to be honest if you have something like a walmart, or a dollar tree store, the materials will be much cheaper [​IMG]

    you can also you then fishing line and string beads on them, to add more detail to the barrette or cut different lengths of fishing line and attach feather to the end so you have layered feather look.
    you would secure it to the barrette in the same way.

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