Feather loss & Diarrhea NEED HELP!!


8 Years
May 25, 2011
One of my hens started losing feathers on her neck and chest. At first I thought that she was getting pecked by the other chickens so I took action for that. However, I came to find out that she wasn't getting pecked. Her feathers never have grown back in and now several of the others are starting to lose their feathers on their necks as well. Also I noticed that she has diarrhea as well. Does anyone know what they might have? and a organic cure?
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You need to go out at night and check for mites with a flashlight.

Depending on how old your chickens are, they could be in molt or starting to go broody. Chickens molt right around a year of age, and every year thereafter. Their feathers will grow back in when they are done molting. Extra protien will help them get feathers faster when they are ready.

As for diahrea, I dunno. Have they been getting lots of greens suddenly? Are there worms in their poo? Any other symptoms?

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