Feather loss...(pictures)

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11 Years
Jul 30, 2008
We picked up a few pullets a few weeks ago and decided to take a couple laying hens as well. (He was offering them for next to nothing because the Golden Comets had extreme feather loss from an overly amorous roo).

My friend and I each got 2 hens...The golden comets we got both had feather loss but mine was far more severe. Her back and butt were completely bare...even her neck was stripped all the way to the front. It's been weeks now and he feathers are still coming in very slowly and sparsely...you can see her tail growing one new feather. Is there anything I can do for her?
She's so sweet and otherwise healthy but she looks awful and I worry about it getting colder.


Also...the feathers on her wings are stripped to the spiny part (sorry...I don't know the correct name). Will the feathers ever come back in there?
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Bless her heart. She needed a break from an overeager roo! I got a hen like this too from someone....and my poor Bonnie keeps a bald head from her "sweetie."

--she's very pretty and seems quite happy with her little buddy there!!! Love these pix!!
I know what you mean. Mine are not as bad but, winter is coming. I removed my roo and upped the protein for the girls by giving them more BOSS (Black Oil Sunflower Seeds) which also has methione which is required for feather growth. But some may not get their feathers back until they molt either.

So my suggestion is some BOSS and time away from a roo.
She won't be around roos now that she's here! So there is a chance that some of her feathers may never grow back? I'm guessing she was his favorite, since my friend's hen is almost recovered and I didn't see any others that looks this extreme.

She is such a little sweetie though, my toddler loves her and I have noticed a few feathers trying to make a comeback.

Here's my toddler pointing to her one, new butt feather.

and just hanging out with her...

(he's always picking green from the yard to feed her...and he loves to bring her his leftover oatmeal in the mornings)
I think she'll grow all her feathers back.
Has she started her molt yet? Probably she will get them when she molts.
Try feeding Game Bird Chow breeder formula. Its formulated for excellent plumage, and from what I've seen it works. Its a very high protein formula, and protein is what is needed to grow feathers.... There is a 30% formula to, but I wouldn't feed that for an extended period of time.
Would it be okay to mix that with her layer feed and oyster shell to make sure she's still getting enough calcium? Thanks for the suggestions! I'm really hoping she starts growing back her feathers before it gets too cold. Her coop mate seems to have been going through her molt but I'm not sure I could even tell with this poor girl because she has so little to begin with.
I hope they start coming in faster as it gets cooler. You might have to fashion her a chicken sweater.

Here is the progress on mine...


She wasn't missing any neck feathers though, just the tail and a few wing feathers.
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If she were my chicken, I wouldn't even worry about the layer feed until she is healthier....

I'd go straight Game Bird Chow for the high protein, and oystershell. Once she is grown out and is in a healthier state overall, then you could reduce to a layer feed...

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