Feather loss/red patch/lumpy

Oct 14, 2021
This is my pullet Douglas Bubble-Trousers. She’s around 10 months old and this is the first problem I’ve had with her.

I’ve noticed this patch on her breast with missing feathers and what looks like teenage pimples. She is eating, drinking and behaving totally normally, aside from being clearly uncomfortable when I was examining her. She usually makes no fuss at all and will happily jump on my lap for a cuddle.

I’ve inspected my other hen (only have 2) and she doesn’t have anything similar, nor do either or them or their coop show signs of red mite.

All advice greatly appreciated from this novice!


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5 Years
Aug 11, 2016
If you're in the northern hemisphere, this is typically the time of year chickens molt - mine are, and it can manifest in weird bald patches similar to your hen's and then spread out until a full molt has occurred. In addition, poultry may be uncomfortable when molting and prefer not to be handled, so it may explain her behavior (the "pimples" may also be pinfeathers coming in during molt).

If she's molting, she'll appreciate extra protein to help her regrow her beautiful feathers.

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