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7 Years
May 28, 2012
Hello all,
I have a rhode island red that is about a year old who has lost an extensive amount of feathers on her chest and up the front of her neck. There is a triangle shaped area from her neck down to her breast that is nearly bare of feathers. The feather loss is exclusive to that region except that some of her feathers seem to be curling up around her shoulders. It does not look like the pictures of molting that I have looked up and she is not broody. I have not seen any sort of insects (mites, fleas) although maybe I have not looked close enough. She does not get picked on by the other chickens. Today I noticed some small black flecks on her comb that she did not have before and I am wondering if it could be related. I have consulted friends, local chicken advocates and the internet and I am stuck. Any ideas would be much appreciated. I can also try and post some pictures if that would be helpful.
Thank You,
Hi Morgan,

Welcome to BYC forum.

The only thing that comes to mind is if your chicken was somehow able to rub the feathers off. (sounds strange doesn't it?) If there is a feeder that she somehow leans against while she is eating and little by little wears away the feathers. I did see an example once of a chicken that I think that happened to.

Posting pictures of your hen may help a lot too....

I have one of mine that will stick her head through the netting fence around the area that I let them into during the day. If she were to get stuck, or if she were reaching for something habitually and rubbing her neck on the netting--I think it could cause feather loss. The rest of mine are not quite as eager to stick their necks through the holes.

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