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    Jul 27, 2011
    i have seen several discussions regarding the feather mite in a lot of cases the suggestion has been to make a solution to dip the birds in.

    can you tell me what is needed to make this liquid bath?

    my birds have lost a fair amount of feathers but the egg production hasnt really dropped, i have smothered the shed and nest boxes with diatemous earth and seem to have stopped the red mite problem.

    i just want to cure the feather problem purely because they look unsightly and someone is bound to suggest i am neglecting or ill-treating them which couldnt be further from the truth my wife suggests they get more attention than she does!
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    Quote:Phil, my wife says the same thing. The liquid is Adams Flea and Tick Dip, mixed as directed in a 5 gal bucket. Dip each bird up to their "chin" and swish them around to be sure the skin is wet. Do this on a warm day, so they can dry. You can use the leftover dip to spray the coop, roosts, and nests, or mix more if needed. DE is useless in poultry applications as far as I`m concerned, but you seem to have at least marginal success with it in dry areas. Adams is symply the best there is for infestations. The same in spray cans can be used for smaller applications, or Sevin Dust is a safe, easy to find and use product. With either product you can still eat the eggs. Sevin must be re treated in 10 days, like most products, but you can still smell Adams after a month, so no re treatment is needed. Don`t let anyone bad mouth you about bugs on your birds. We all hafta deal with them. Good luck.......Pop
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    Are yall sure we aint married to the same wife?[​IMG]
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    Jul 26, 2011
    Is there anything you can do to stop red mite in the first place?
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    Quote:I doubt it, but I`m open to most any suggestion that doesn`t involve DE. Possibly keeping the coop floor covered with Sevin Dust, but the fact is that mites/lice occure on such an irregular basis that it is most feasable to treat them on a need to treat basis.I have gone years without the need to treat for them or even to worm my birds, but at other times the need seems to arise 2-3 times a year. Everyone has to keep track of what`s going on in their birds and do what the need to do to keep them healthy......Pop

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