Feather Picking???? Please help before it's too late!!!!

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  1. mags2009

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    Aug 8, 2009
    We hatched 10 chicks about a month ago. We for sure have two roos. A couple of the pullets have almost no back feathers, and 1 pullet has absolutely no tail left, and is bleeding. This is shocking to me, because our first flock we got almost a year ago have NEVER done anything like this. they are in a 4ft.x4ft pen, but during the day they get outside in a 6x8 pen. I have heard to give them more protein, but would really like some advice. Also, is this most likely the roos that are doing the picking? We have never had a roo before. Thank you..

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    Dec 11, 2009
    4ftx4ft= 16 sq ft
    4 sq ft/per bird means that you should have 4 birds in your pen
    6ftx8ft run = 42 sq feet
    10 sq ft per bird puts you at 4 birds in your run
    If my math is correct, which varies a bit from situation to situation, you have 6 too many birds in your pen/runs. Overcrowding brings on all sorts of negative behavior.
    You could maybe try to increase the protein, but it sounds like you need to remodel!
    Fun fun!
    Remove the lady that is bleeding until she heals adequately. Chickens are little cannibals~!

    Oh, I just saw that they are only 4 weeks old....I read 10 weeks old! Sorry, never mind the math.
    Watch their behavior and see who the aggressive culprit is and remove that bird to isolation to see if behavior improves!
    Good luck!
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    Aug 8, 2009
    Yep, the are about 5 weeks now. We have a 12x12 coop, but they are too little to go in with the other hens. We started our first 8 out in this pen, and they did great, so don't know what is going on...
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    Spraying the wounds with Anti-pick ("hot-pick") spray will keep them from doing it more. Then they can heal. Try a red brooder lamp if they still need a heat lamp. [​IMG]

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