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  1. Saroco

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    My White Plymouth Rock has started picking out the other chicken's feathers!! What do I do?! How do I break that habit? My SLW only has a few tail feathers left, and Flo (Feather picker) picks out her leg feathers when she's taking a dust bath.... [​IMG] Do I have to get rid of her?
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  2. Judy

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    Feb 5, 2009
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    Too little space, too little protein, and boredom are generally the causes of feather picking. Boredom comes from too little space.
  3. Saroco

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    Ok. What can I give them So they won't be bored? (Space is not the problem)
  4. farmerChef

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    Try hanging a head of cabbage in the pen
  5. sotelomary

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    I had the same problem. I upped their protein. Mine wouldn't take cat food so I started mixing 20% feed with my current 16% feed. (50 - 50 ratio) This brought up the protein to 18%. It stopped the feather picking.

  6. Saroco

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    Thank you so much! [​IMG] What if I whipped a few eggs so they can't recognize them, and fed them that? Would that be enough protein?
  7. tennesseeckn

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    Jul 11, 2010
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    Eggs would help or tuna would, too. Just make sure to not give so much that it flavors the eggs. [​IMG]
  8. Saroco

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    Haha!! Thanks for the warning!! Hmmm....however, I could sell tuna-garlic flavored eggs.... [​IMG]

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