Feather problem on frizzled hen


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Mar 17, 2016
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Hi there,

I bought this 1yo frizzled bantam Cochin hen in June from a breeder who told me that she lost her feathers on her head, neck to roosters during mating (we have a rooster-free flock so seemed like it would be a better place for her). However, after 2.5 months she's still not growing any new feathers. She has what appears to be parts of calamus on her back and neck, but these haven't changed at all over time. My questions are, should I be concerned and how long does it usually take for feathers to grow back?

Also, she was laying eggs for the first 2 weeks and then stopped for about 10 days. I suspected the heat had something to do with it as we were getting temperatures close to 100F with high humidity. She then resumed laying for a week despite the heat and now stopped again for the past 2 weeks even though the temperature is cooler. I wonder if this has anything to do with her feathers?

Would greatly appreciate any feedback!
Thank you!




Mar 10, 2016
She is really cute.

Feathers that were broken off will not re-grow until she goes into molt. Feathers that were completely plucked out by a feather picker will grow back before a molt. Seems like it took 2 - 3 months for our hen with plucked feathers to re-grow them.

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