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    Apr 14, 2009
    Well, our babies are two weeks old today, and are growing out of their adorable fuzzy stage into their, um, shall we say, 'awkward teen phase.' [​IMG] Oh, but they're still cute! They're growing their feathers, but I was just wondering...our Gold Links were said to have reddish brown feathers when they are grown, but their wing feathers definitely aren't reddish brown! They're more...creamish. Will they end up that color, or will they be more of a RIR color? And a few of our chicks are growing dark pin feathers around their shoulders. Are they dark because you can just see the blood in them, or are they just going to have funny shoulders???
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    Feb 5, 2009
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    pics would help
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    My RSLs are splotchy -- white and red, and the red ranges from dark, dark red to barely more than cream. I think the feather coloring really only goes for chick-down.
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    Here are pics of my two gold sexlinks. First is their baby pic and then the two of them all grown up:


    You can see in the chick pic that they have very pale feathers coming in on their wing tips, but they eventually came out golden brown.
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