Feathering in Pulletts but some are huge any Ideas?


8 Years
Apr 22, 2011
Hi Knowlegable board , I can start to see the difference in the feathering coming in on the 30 chicks I have by comparing the same breed but 2 of my light bramas are huge compared to the other 3 and they are feathered in first the smaller one doesnt have tail feathers yet? Im guessing roo on that but any tips from you pros out there?They are 2 1/2 weeks old, The black cochins are really confusing lol Thanks in Advance
Hey, first of all

I know a little about Brahmas as I have raised a couple. Brahmas are actually tied for my favorite breed and I liked them so much I just got a Dark Brahma chick this spring.

It would be more helpful if you could post pictures with your question but you may not be able to yet. We were worried with our first batch that they were roos when compared to the other chicks because they are really big birds and their legs are huge, so don't panic on the size or anything.

I actually think that the chick you are describing that is smaller with no tail may be a roo. I did quite a bit of research when I was worried about my girls and it seems like the roos feather in noticably slower in the tail as wee chicks. The same was reported in Cochins, but I have not raised them so I cannot personnally confirm it.

You can also look straight on at the Brahma's combs (which are a pea comb) the girls will have one row of bumps going down the center where any roos will develop a smaller row of bumps on either side of the center one for a total of three rows of bumps.

Get some photos up when you can and holpefully we can be more confirmatory!

Good luck with your new flock!
Hey Thanks for your responce!! I will post when I can ( Newbie I guess)but the comb suggestion is a great tip!! Thanks again:)

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