feathering out and egg color questions

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    I have a mama who hatched eggs....3 are EEs and 1 cuckoo Marans. Will the EEs feather to look like the hen that laid them or is it a crap shoot? The daddy is a Cochin so they all have feathered legs which is so cool but they do not have his coloring as far as I can tell. Also do they lay the color of egg they hatched from if they are a girl?
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    Sep 28, 2011
    i also want to know
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    They will lay an egg color of both parents' genes combined, same as feather color. If mom or dad had genes for a green egg and the other a brown egg - You'll get likely brown eggs, possibly greenish ones.

    EE x Cuckoo Marans = birds that are barred but with a little bit of red on the neck. They'll look like Cuckoo Marans but with beards and have slight reddish orange tickling on them.

    They'll lay olive colored eggs.

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