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10 Years
Mar 15, 2009
I need help please everyone. I have 4 Rhode Island reds and 3 of them have bare necks. There coop is a large bird cage with roosts, feed, water and grit hanging there. They also have a large wired off area to roam and scratch and they are certainly spoilt. I don't see any of them pecking each others necks except when food is thrown into the large dirt area and that is usually the top hen that does it. But 3 of there necks are bare of feathers and I see some feathers in the cage so whether it is when they go to bed on the top roost huddeled together in the corner vying for there spots I'm not sure. I can't see any mites on them and thought they were maulting at first but there not growing back. I have only had them for 12 months. Any ideas on how to help the poor girls as they look neglected

I have a couple of girls looking pretty raggedy around the neck too; I'm fairly certain mine are in molt. While I can't say for sure what is up with your girls I will suggest upping the protein in their diets. This should help whether they are feather picking or in molt. I am sure someone else will come along with more suggestions!
Could you please list all that you are feeding them?

Also look very close at all of the other feathers on the bare birds. Is there a white, kinda crusty substance at the base of any of the feathers? If so that could be feather mites and you will not see them. If you have the Northern Fowl Mite you may not see them either as they are tiny and only stay on the bird long enough to feed and then they drop off and hide in cracks in the coop or bedding.

Also what are the rough measurements of the areas that they have? It has been my experiance that RIRs need a tad bit more room then many of the other breeds do. The hens can be more aggressive and territorial.

Since one bird has all of her feathers I would guess that she is the one plucking feathers if you have exhausted all the other possibilities.
Thankyou both for your replies. I am feeding them egg laying pallets with wild bird seed as a scratching treat. They also get a fair bit of vegie scraps and greens. They also get lots of grass which they love. The cage is a 2metres x 4m approx and the run is approx 4m x 6m. I also give them meat scraps and any worms etc that I find. I will also buy some cat food and give to them. The areas where the feathers are gone are clean no blood just stumpy ends of where the feathers were. I shall try and take a picture and post it.

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