Feathers don´t grow back.. what could be wrong with her?

Sabrina Campbell

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Feb 26, 2018
Hi there
I hope for some advice i bought 2 phoenix hens (one young hen just started laying and one ((which the man said)) is 2 years old).. At the exchange i didn´t check well, I just noticed the older one, looked really pale and had feathers missing in the front.
I asked him if she was moulting but he said "no, she was just picked from the other hens."
Back home I realized how bad she actually looked..I was hoping it was just from being stressed of the two- hours drive.. she also has often somehow problems to breath ... a kind of hickup..

But 2 months later, after feeding her vitamins, more proteins.. she has a little more color but nothing like i would call "looks healthy".. No feathers growing and no eggs..
The vet cost 140dollar to look at her.. so I was hoping somone here could send me in the right direction.
Yes, she has been wormed and also lice treated and I also give them a lot of egg shell because her beak looks very long..Her clow too but i was worried if I should try to cut some of it off?

I also uploaded photos of the young phoenix hen color crele would you say she looks like a phoenix? I am very new in this and because she has the wrong leg color and is much smaller I wonder if he sold me another breed or mix breed? lol :-(


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Jan 8, 2017
What did you treat her with for lice? She could be feather picked by the other one. Do you only have the 2? If she is feather picked, once she molts or the picking stops the feathers should grow back unless that other hen is picking at her then she has formed a habit. You could just tell people she is part naked neck. :D
I've seen similar threads like this but the bareness ran all down the chest and the OP thought it was shaft mites and treated her as though she had them.
I don't trim my chicken's nails, but I think they have enough branches and smooth rocks in the run to keep them filed.


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Feb 12, 2015
North Florida
The first one's upper beak is a bit overgrown, trimming that a bit will help her, it will be easier for her to feed. There are many articles and videos on trimming beaks, you don't want to trim it too much and cut into the quick, just make it more normal length. Her nails don't look bad. If you add a boulder or concrete block in the run, that gives them a place to naturally hone their beak and maintain it themselves. Some bird are more prone to this than others.

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