Feathers everywhere!

prairie mom

10 Years
May 6, 2011
Okay, so I started noticing a few feathers in brooder a couple of weeks ago. Then last week a few more. That's cool, dd likes to use them for jewelry. Then one of the chick's top of tail is missing a patch of feathers! Then another one, same thing. We finally finished inside of new coop on Saturday, so moved all the nine week olds out to the new place.

Being the mother hen I tend to be, I thought I should sit out there with them for a while and make sure they are doing okay.
In watching them, I notice my favorite, Flustard, a Golden Campine who has been the first to jump up to me from day one, is pulling feathers off of everyone while they are sleeping!~ She is now in chicken jail away from the rest of the flock (a big dog kennel in garage.) I have upped her/his - no clue what gender - protein and will try to put Flustard back with the rest in a few days.

For two days there has been NO feathers in coop!

Do you think feather plucking is curable?

I had the same problem last winter. And like you, I sat and watched them and discovered a naughty, feather puller. She was given away........That's a nasty habit that is very hard to break....It's sort of like nail biting or hair twirling or thumb sucking.........I think they do that when they're just plain bored too.

Maybe, since you've isolated her for a while, and everybody is now in their new coop, she will stop....I sure hope it works!

Hoping Flustard does better when back with the flock... It looks nasty, but you might try spraying the others with bluekote before putting the chick back in with them. It's often use to camo. wounds and such, but (according to my dog
) it tastes nasty too... It does wear off after a while, but may last long enough to deter picking feathers...

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