feathers, feathers, feathers....

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  1. everywhere feathers! Best way to get them out of the coop or just leave them in? I'm doing the deep litter method, and haven't cleaned out the coop at all yet. About 5 inches deep, dry, and no odor, so really don't want to clean the entire coop if I don't have to.

    Will the feathers hurt anything to just leave them? Mine aren't laying yet, but getting close. I'd say maybe another 3 weeks to a month.

    I guess they are losing all those 'teenage' feathers. No bald spots on any of them. No feather picking. Just feathers blowing in the breeze! LOL!
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    Mar 8, 2008
    Some of mine are entering a molt right now, that may be what it is. The only thing I would really worry about is them eating feathers and then getting the idea to eat feathers off each other, since we started letting ours free-range some we haven't had a problem with that. If you keep them busy/give them stuff to do (basically they have plenty of room to roam) they won't get bored and be like mmmm her feathers look tasty today.

    Again we just let the feathers lie, except for the occasional one my husband picks up and adds to his collection. (Yes he collects our chicken feathers, they're lying around on our tv in the bedroom). [​IMG] I really need to put them in a box for him or something.....
  3. Thanks jemagsy!

    Mine are out roaming about for several hours each day. Usually from the hottest part of the day until bedtime for gonzos! [​IMG] So no feather eating or picking noticed, YET. I'll just let them continue to lay in the coop as well. The wind does blow some of them out when I have their door open, but for the most part, they have a down bed. [​IMG]

    Thanks again!
  4. Thanks for asking this; I have a bunch of 16ish weekers who are loosing a TON of feathers. Happy flock, no picking or messing but I tell ya, that coop looks like a feather pillow exploded.
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    Ha- that's me too! I also collect the prettiest feathers to keep and give to all my friends- who pretend that they like to receive them. I appreciate the charade! [​IMG] But yes mine are around 13 or 14 weeks and I have feathers all over the place. They are outside from morning until dusk though, and no problems that I can see so I haven't worried about it. Glad to see that so far no one has anything negative to say about it!
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    Mine are going on 11 weeks and have been blowing feathers for the last couple of weeks. Ever since they were moved outdoors permanently the feathers have been falling. I figured it had to do with the change in season (spring to summer) and growth. They aren't bald or anything like that... just many feathers floating around the pen. Not so much in the coop... but plenty in the pen! I was wondering if I was alone but looks like I'm not.

  7. ranchhand

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    I caught a Carolina Wren stealing feathers the other day- she took them to the birdhouse for HER nest. But this is the same bird who used a snakeskin last time.......... [​IMG]
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    I love Carolina Wrens- what huge personalities on such tiny birds! And huge voices!! When my little almost 2 year old daughter hears one she covers her ears and says "LOUD!!!!" [​IMG] I guess that was sort of off topic from chickens losing feathers but I had to do it.
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    Quote:<chuckle> Yelp, spunky little birds aren't they? Those young ears are sensitive aren't they! [​IMG]
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