feathers growing back?


10 Years
Oct 10, 2009
Santa Fe, TX
We got new hen, Paige, right around the first of the year. The feathers on her back (just below her wings) were plucked out from the rooster at her former home. I would have thought they'd grown back by now. But they haven't, in fact they seem to have gotten worse. Today I swore I saw some pink skin between her wings.

Does she need a hen apron? How can I help the feathers come back? What else can I do for Paige?
Hello Rhonda-

Are the quills still attached from the missing feathers? If they are still in, then she won't replace those feathers until the next molt. She may very well need an apron to cover the bare spots...maybe another roo or hen is picking at those bald spots....

I don't think the quills are attached. It looks like the feathers are trying to grow in, maybe some down-like fluff, but no true feathers. And she's a really pretty buff columbian looking Amerucana, so it's a shame they haven't grown in yet. How often does a bird molt?
How often does a bird molt?

Mine molt once or twice a year (usually spring and fall/winter). I had a hen that was missing most of her feathers from feather picking at her previous home, and they seemed to grow back all at once when she went through a molt.

If you have a rooster, a hen saddle would be best. You don't want him pulling out all those brand new quills she may be getting on her back.​

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