Feathers lost, how soon to re-grow???


7 Years
Aug 11, 2012
England, West Midlands, Worcestershire
I have a friesian fowl cockerel and he's about 22-23 weeks old, he has had a few of his tail feathers pulled out including his sickles on his left side, I was wondering how long till they grow back or will I have to wait a year till next moult. It's my fault his tail feathers are out because i have bantam Phoenix and the hens are diddy. He try's to tread them whenever I let them out and he is just too big so he ran for her so I tyres to gab him back but got his tail instead and as I let go his feathers on one side came out

All help will be welcome

Thxs Nick


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9 Years
Feb 18, 2011
Well, I accidentally shut a door on the tail of a 4.5 month old bantam rooster the end of June, took all the long ones out, his tail feathers look pretty much normal now. I don't know how much difference it would make since it is fall now and a lot of them are going into molt anyhow.

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