Feathers not growing back


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9 Years
Aug 21, 2010
I have a red star hen about two years old I got from an aunt that said she was getting picked on that was the reason for the missing feathers I've had her for about 5mos now and she hasn't grown a single feather back I check for mites weekly she consistently lays (I don't eat the eggs for this reason) she seems to be very healthy otherwise I just don't have an explanation I'm a ne
wbie to chickens only had them for about 6mos but haven't had any problems except for her. Need a little help and or advice on the subject.

Four Barred Rocks, Three Golden Comets, One red star, One rescued Bantam Roo, Pair of Guineas, Pot Bellied Pig who owns all of us.
The reason why she's not growing feathers is because they wont grow back until she goes through and finishes a moult...that's when the feathers will start growing back. The eggs are safe to eat.
Thanks so much I've been worried she's a great layer and quite friendly I didn't want something to happen to her that I could've prevented. Thanks again.

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