Feathers stuck in clumps HELP


In the Brooder
Apr 5, 2016
My few day old mottled cochin bantam fell into the water feeder. (I wasnt there when it happened) I know this because her breast fluff and underside wont fluff back up. It is conpletely dry but its just in clumps. Idk if this is bad for her health or not. It looks really wierd and I dont want her to be unconfortable. Is there any way to have it fluff up again.

Btw this happened yesterday so I thought id leave it a day and still not fluffy.
From my own experience, the chicks feather/fluff formation will naturally reshape so I guess it will be the same for yours! :) As long as its dry, it will be fine. perhaps put the drinker on something to stop it happening again? Hope this helps....GHULL
It would only get fluffy is mama hen preened it back into fluffiness for the chick...they don't really do self-grooming much at that age. As long as the brooder is warm, it's just a cosmetic issue for now.

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