Feathers won't regrow starting to get red blotches

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    Sep 2, 2009
    My beautiful girl came to me about 4 years ago as a spent hen from a farm. Her feathers are not regrowing right now. She has some blood feathers but for months she has been struggling with this and now has some spots that are just bare, with no sign of regrowth. Parts of her skin are now getting these big red blotches.

    I feed her an egg laying feed, meal worms, oyster shell, egg, and fruits and vegetables. She has been dusted several times now for mites.

    She is also losing a lot of weight. I'm concerned if she is sick or possibly just getting old. Does anyone have experience with anything like this?

    I will post pictures this afternoon when I get home but any ideas would be helpful.
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    May 1, 2012
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    Have you wormed her? It sounds like she is missing nutrients, but her diet is good, so it might be worms. If you get her poop tested at teh vet (usually 20-30$), they can confirm and tell you what kind she might have.

    Give her wet cat food - helps with growing feathers. Also, i would add vitamins (without iron)

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