8 Years
Aug 19, 2011
One of my chickens {Sienna} is almost finished molting and the rest of the girls are just starting. Almost all of Sienna's feathers are back in, but I noticed that they lack the sheen they used to have and the others who haven't molted yet still have. Is there a reason for this or does it always happen? Is there something I can give her {something protein or something} to make them healthier looking?

I add Ultra Egg to our chickens' feed whenever one of them is molting. It makes their feathers come in nice and shiny. I don't add it all the time, my hens eat a well balanced diet and they are on grass and forage every day, so I don't worry about my eggs being healthy. You could probably add some sunflower oil to their food too.

http://www.omegafields.com/poultry-products/omega-ultra-egg.html Copy and paste to see it, they sell it at Southern States.
Since they're not laying eggs then and feathers are something like 97% protein, I switch to a 20-24% grower till their feathers look good and start laying, then switch back to layer.
The added protein will still help her recover from molting even after her feathers are in.
I continue the added protein a few weeks longer to make sure they've recovered.
Thank you
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