Fed brewery grain, now no more eggs.....help


8 Years
Mar 7, 2011
Looking for some help. My husband did some work at a brewery and brought home a barrel of spent brewery grain. Started giving to my chickens along with their layer crumble and scratch. After a few days the eggs stopped. I only gave the beer grains to them for about a week and then stopped. It has now been over a month and they still havent laid any eggs? Will they ever lay again? I know they are sensitive to changes, how long do I give them to get over the brewery grain before they go in crock pot??
Have they started molting or do they have a light in the coop? Chickens can stop laying around this time for other reasons?
Only one has started molting. They are all less than two years old. And they all stopped laying at the same time. I dont have a light on yet. Weather has been really nice and warm. I guess it is starting to dark earlier. I am just shocked that they stopped when I started the brewery grain.
Unless the brewery grains were moldy I don't think that is the problem. Do they get outside during the day to lay elsewhere? Has there been an upset in the coop a predator hanging say. Maybe if you have a small flock something is taking the eggs. Some dogs have been know to develop a taste for eggs. Not all molts are, throw off the old coat at once, some are very subtle. Just some things to check off.

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