Feed and Liquid to Improve Taste?


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Sep 20, 2012
New Palestine, Indiana
I'm new to chickens. I've had egg layers for a while now and feel pretty comfortable with my knowledge there, but I'm just starting to learn about chickens for meat.

I've heard of people feeding pigs sugar water for a few days before slaughter to make the meat a little sweeter.

Is this something that can be done with chickens as well?

Is there anything else I can do to improve the taste and/or nutrition of the meat?

I have 25 baby chicks I'm raising for meat. Is there anything I can start doing right away in regards to the taste/nutrition of the meat?

The only thing I'm doing now is putting a small amount of ACV in their water. I think that's more for strengthening their immune system and improving/maintaining their health though and not so much to do with the taste or nutrition of the meat.?.
In the fermented feed thread they say that it improves the flavor as well as the health of their birds. Someone on there mentioned feeding herbs to their geese to add flavor as well. I imagine that would work on chickens as well. If you grow your own herbs it would be quite cheap.

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