Feed Bag Repurposing!

Frankly, I'd be...less than impressed with a feed bag gift (unless it was full of feed), especially if I was a non-chicken (i.e sane )
I don't know what else you could use them for that would be gift able.
I think they'd make a really cute gift bag, especially to a friend that is a little more eco friendly. They'll see the benefit of reusable bags and often love when packaging and such is recycled. Outside that I'm not sure what else can or should be made with them. Its kinda like duct tape, you can make a lot with it but how practical it actually is will be the factor
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I use them for trash bags in the garage. Wind break on coop or run.. House wrap on a coop that I sided to match the house.

Depending on the brand & what the bag is made of you might be able to put the graphic over a canvas frame for decoration?

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