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    Hey there folks

    here is a very crude, and basic feed cost calculator. Now i know that most of you live in the US so i well work on a US version soon! but for right now 25kg is = to 55.1155655 pounds.

    This calculates the cost per day to feed one chicken/your whole flock! 100-150 grams of feed per day is all that is needed to maintain a good body weight and egg. so this calculator uses the 150 grams as the main thing to calculate the cost.

    As far as i know this is the first of it's kind I am calling it a crude beta because that's what it is. I well work on adding a few things etc as the time permits. This is made for laying hens, and i well work on a brolier version etc. as the time permits [​IMG]


    (Ps mods if you would like to move the topic go ahead. this could also fit into flock management i think)

    Let me know what you would like added to it.

    PS. If you buy in bulk just convert to the right 25 kg lol

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