Feed for broody with chicks?


8 Years
Jul 9, 2011
Northern Wisconsin
I am going to the store to get the chick starter today since my broody has hatched 2 chicks today. I am wondering can she eat the starter feed while they are inside the dog crate till they will be moved to the big pen????? Or does she need her own feed in the kennel also? If she does how to I get the chicks to not eat her feed, but there own?!

This may not apply to you at all since I don't know your set up. But what I do is keep mom and baby in a small ark with access to fress growing grass. Both mom and babies are fed chick starter without any medication. I move the ark to fresh grass every couple of days.

After two - four weeks, I let them out to free range, with the small ark being their home. When the mom is ready, she will move the chicks in with the free ranging flock (usually 8-12 weeks).

With the above system, we haven't had an coccidiosis problems, which is what the medicated feed is trying to prevent.
I think she should be able to eat chick starter for a short time. I don't believe there is anyway to get one to not eat the others food. Is there flock raiser available in your area?
My mama has access to the laying pellets the other chickens eat. But I feed the chicks separately. That is away from the all the others. Still mama wants to eat the starter feed. She gets the layer feed but goes after the starter like she's starving. So I let her eat what she wants. I've decided to let mother nature take her course with mine. I can promise you she know more about chickens than I do.

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