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Cassatt S.C.
I have not found any thing above 24% chick starter I do have two more feed & hay dealers to check out What should I get for them ? Did not know my turkeys would be sent soooo quick Orderd Saturday from Cakel and they will be shiped Wensday The brooder is ready 15 turkeys to arrive Friday or Saturday Also 10 cornish cross THANK YOU I AM ADDITED Paul C
ps;; I love chicken all ways:ya
That is what i use...chick starter. Then starter/grower then when they start to lay i use crumble layer, with treats each day.

It is exciting and addicting isnt it. My chickens are my pets, lots of personalities and silly antics. I let my girls out each evening for a couple of hours while i watch them in my lawn chair, they have a blast, then go in to roost at 8:45 each evening. Good girls:)
Try to find Wild Game starter, It's a higher protein level and has the minerals pults need to get started.

If they are Great Whites or BB Bronze at about one week after they arrive. You can add a viteman supplement to there water to help for the first month or so.

I have found that most feed stores sell a game bird starter that is around 28% protein but if you ask for "turkey feed" or high protein "chick" starter they "don't carry it".
After 1/2 of mine died last year,, I found an old timer's post on this site where he raised turkeys for years and stated that he only used Medicated chicken feed..

That's what I have been doing this year and the only turkeys I have lost are those crushed by bigger turkey poults jumping on them or laying on them,, etc... I only lost 2 so far... I have about 60-80 turkey and chicks together in a big room and they have outside penned area to roam in also..

After a few weeks I add scratch along with Med. Feed..

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